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Thank you for choosing our Basic Theme Installation service. Please use this form to share the essential details I need to ensure a successful installation. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Advanced Theme Installation

My “Advanced Theme Installation” service offers an extensive setup to align your website with the chosen theme’s features. Please take note of the following conditions:

  1. Scope of Service: The “Advanced Theme Installation” service covers the setup of your website to closely resemble the demo site of the theme you’ve purchased. This includes customization of colors, logo integration and menu configuration.
  2. No Revisions or Customizations: Kindly be aware that this installation service does not encompass any revisions or customizations once the theme is installed. It is designed to establish your website’s foundation to match the theme’s demo, with the specified alterations.
  3. Not for Full Custom Design: This service is not intended for achieving a fully custom design or fulfilling additional customization requests beyond what has been explicitly described. Any further customization or design alterations are your responsibility.
  4. Additional Customization: If you require additional customizations or have specific design preferences, I recommend referring to my tutorials and guides for assistance in setting up and customizing other aspects of your site and theme. You are responsible for any further customization beyond the service’s scope.
  5. Staging Site Option: If you prefer the installation to be performed on a staging site (one that you’ve already created), please provide the link and login credentials for the staging site, rather than your live site. If you’re uncertain about setting up a staging site, we suggest contacting your hosting provider for guidance.

My “Advanced Theme Installation” service aims to establish a strong foundation for your website by aligning it with the theme’s demo while allowing for customization of essential elements. Please keep in mind the limitations and responsibilities outlined above.

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Please provide the specific 6-digit HEX codes for the colors you'd like to use. use websites like or to generate a color palette. If you're unsure, I'll create a palette that complements your theme and/or logo.


Current Menu Preferences
f you already have established menus on your site, I can replace them with demo menus if you prefer. If you're starting with a new site and haven't created any menus yet, choose the second option, and I'll provide you with demo menus to get started.

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Plugin Audit/Clean Up

Would you like to take advantage of my plugin audit/clean-up service?
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General information

Server and WordPress Version

  • PHP Version: Ensure that your server is set to use PHP version 8. Contact your host for information
  • WordPress Version: Please update WordPress to the latest version prior to installation (currently 6.3.1)

Installation and Configuration

  • I’ll install both the Kadence theme and your WP Music Themes child theme.
  • Plugin settings will be configured to work smoothly.
  • Your theme will be made to look exactly like the theme demo.

Service Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to the terms, which explain that this service doesn’t cover customizations or revisions beyond the specified scope. Also, refunds aren’t available once you submit the form.