Merijn Dijkstra, professional singer and musician

Having accumulated extensive years of involvement in the global music arena, Merijn is intimately familiar with the online presence requirements of professional musicians.

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Both musician and web designer

Immediately upon departing from the Conservatory, I ventured into the realm of international music and remained immersed ever since. Swiftly, I embarked on crafting websites for the ensembles and bands I was a part of.

As word spread, fellow musicians began to take notice and approached me for their own online platforms. This sequence of events led to the creation of the very website you are currently perusing!

Portrait of professional musician and web designer Merijn Dijkstra

Enabling artists and music innovators!

Throughout my experience in crafting websites, a substantial portion of which catered to musicians and music creators, I became aware of their financial challenges. Tailored and unique web design can lead to substantial costs.

While this might suit a few, many others need to be more prudent with their expenses. This frequently leads to the development of subpar websites and web design.

This is where my WP Music Themes step in to bridge the gap. They deliver a polished design while remaining accessible to those working with tighter budgets.